To share acceptance and understanding within the community.

We Get It is an initiative started by The Quintilian Way in October of 2019 to bring awareness to the businesses in Kingston, Ontario who ‘Get It’.

What does it mean when a business “GETS IT? 

It means they treat individuals with learning and social differences just like any other person and has empathy towards them. Learning and social differences like OCD, ADD, Autism Spectrum, etc can often be ‘invisible’, meaning that you can’t look at a person and know that they’ve been diagnosed.

You may not always understand the behaviour of someone who’s been diagnosed but you can accept them and approach everyone you meet with patience and compassion.

How do I know who ‘GETS IT’?

You’ll know a business ‘Gets It’ when you see this sticker in their window. Businesses proudly display this sticker in their window to let individuals and their families know that they’re accepted and welcome here. You can also follow our social media channels for examples of businesses who are participating in this campaign under the hashtag #QWAY #WeGetIt

How to participate?

Our vision is to expand the We Get It campaign to all of Kingston. Please reach out to us if you know of a business you’d like to nominate as a place that practices patience and understanding to all kinds of people. If you’re a business who Gets It, please contact us for more information on participating.


Catharine Gibson: admin@quintillianway.ca 

The Quintilian Way was created to all the need for social and life skill programming for individuals with learning and social differences.

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