The Quintilian Way A History

The story of the Quintilian Way begins with the Quintilian School.

Quintilian School opened its doors in 2001 to individuals with learning and social differences such as ADHD, ADD, LD, NLD, ASD and Anxiety Disorders. There was a maximum of 8 students and was run out of a church hall. The programming made an enormous difference in the lives of the students who were lucky enough to attend. 

Today, Quintilian School has expanded and can support up to 40 students from Grade 2 through to high school. 

Quintilian School specializes in providing social and learning opportunities for youth in a supportive, therapeutic and welcoming environment. The Quintilian School is primarily focussed on academics. 

Quintilian School expanded their programming in 2008 with a goal of building confidence and improving self-esteem in a fun way by offering: 

  1. Summer Day Camp, 
  2. A weekly Social Club during the school year

These programs were well received and attended but in order to run these programs at the level of support required by our kids, they cost more than Quintilian School was able to charge in fees.  After six years, Quintilian School discontinued their summer camp due to the financial stress it had placed on the operation of the school itself. 

The Quintilian Way was created to fill the need for social and life skill programming in a different way. 

In March of 2016, we became a Not-for-Profit. We wrote for an received the Canada Summer Jobs grant that allowed us to provide our summer camp at half the cost. 

There is funding available for other social, art, life skill and athletic programming for school age students and young adults. We are working hard to secure that funding. 

In March of 2018, The Quintilian Way became a charity and have been planning and creating the processes to expand our programming beyond the legacy programming provided to us by Quintilian School. 

This expansion process was begun in the summer of 2019 when we began to develop new programs based upon focus group feedback. The staff have also been writing grants to seek funding for these programs. 

The goal of The Quintilian Way is to run extracurricular programming for youth and programming for adults using the same philosophies and core values that Quintilian School has developed since it was created in 2001. 

The Quintilian Way was created to all the need for social and life skill programming for individuals with learning and social differences.

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