Hosting a Third Party Event


Third-Party Events are fundraisers organized by community groups or individuals (like you!) to help raise funds for The Quintilian Way.

These events make our services possible, they raise the necessary funds that cover operating costs, and enhance programming in our community. A Third-Party Event is any activity where The Quintilian Way has no fiduciary responsibility and no staff involvement. These events must be approved by our organization prior to running.

Third Party Event Ideas

  • Auction
  • Baby Picture Contest 
  • Benefit Dinner
  • BBQ
  • Bingo Night
  • Book Sale
  • Bowling
  • Tournament/Casino
  • Casual Friday Fund
  • Car Wash
  • Carnival/Festival
  • Concert/Play
  • Concession Stand
  • Craft Sale
  • Dinner Party
  • Donations in Lieu of Gifts
  • Face Painting
  • Free Lunch Raffle
  • Fishing Derby
  • Flower Sale
  • Garage Sale
  • Gift Matching
  • Golf Tournament
  • Hot Breakfast Sale
  • Holiday Party
  • Pet Wash
  • Photo Outing
  • Proceeds from Sales
  • Raffle
  • Run/Walk/Ride
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Sporting Events
  • Ticketed Event
  • Traditional Gala
  • Unwanted Gift Sale
  • Wrapping Christmas
  • Gifts Fundraiser Work
  • Department Challenge
  • Work Event

Your Help Makes an Impact

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to communicate to participants and the general public that The Quintilian Way is the beneficiary of the fundraising event and is not conducting the community event.

Tax receipts can only be issued for third-party fundraising events for donations of $20 or more and requires a complete list of donor names, addresses, and donation amounts are received by The Quintilian Way office.

Name And Logo Usage: Any use of the name and logo of The Quintilian Way must be approved to ensure compliance with our brand standards. This includes correct colours, fonts and placement.  Please submit the attached application for approval.

Donations and Funds can be sent to:
The Quintilian Way at 41 Baiden Street Kingston, Ontario K7M 2J9
All cheques should be made payable to: The Quinilian Way

Steps To Running Your Own Event

  1. Form an Event Committee
    Identify friends, family or colleagues who are excited and dedicated with special skills that will help make your event a success. They can provide you with the support you need to organize and run your event.
  2. Develop your Concept
    Bainstorm ideas that are fun, unique, and will excite you. Let your imagination run wild.
  3. Choose your event and select a date
    From the list that you have developed decide on what event will appeal to your target audience.
  4. Establish a Fundraising Goal
    Establish an attainable objective; prepare a budget with expected revenue and expenses. As a general rule of thumb, expenses should not exceed 50 per cent of your expected gross revenue. Refer to
    “Sample Budget” for potential sources of revenue and expenses.
  5. Submit your Event
    Complete the Third-Party Event Proposal Form and submit to The Quintilian Way for approval.
  6. Organize your Event Details
    Organization is the key to any successful event planning, make a list of all the day to day details and who is responsible for each task.
  7. Plan a timetable/workback schedule
    Develop a timeline of important tasks and due dates, working backwards from the day of the event will help you to plan appropriate deadlines.
  8. Promote your event
    Think about how to spread the word about your event, you should design and create materials that will appeal to your target audience in order to generate excitement about your event. Make sure you keep #QWAYEVENT in your tags etc. -this will help us to promote your event as well.
  9. Have Fun
    Have fun planning and hosting your event. Get people involved. Enjoy the process.
  10. Wrap Up
    Congratulate yourself and your committee on a job well done and for giving back to your community. Collect any outstanding funds raised from your event.

The Quintilian Way was created to fill the gap for social and life skill programming for individuals with learning and social differences.

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