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Quintilian takes its name from the Latin orator Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, who lived in the first century.

He is one of the first advocates for individualized education, especially for children, and has remained integral to the field of education for centuries.

Each individual who attends The Quintilian Way programs will benefit from very small group and one-to-one instruction. The average participant to facilitator ratio is 5:1, but certain programs will be more focused and have a smaller ratio. If you have questions, please reach out to us for details.

The Quintilian Way Charity has the mission to help people of all ages. Our individualized programs may be directed at a particular age group, the ages will be specified in the program descriptions.

The Quintilian Way is a charitable organization that supports individuals with social and learning differences including but not limited to ADHD, ADD, Autism, ASD, Anxiety Disorders, LD, and OCD.

We also support the caregivers of individuals and the friends, family, and community members who interact with individuals to help create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

We’re so glad that you’re interested in learning more!

There are many ways to reach out to us. You can use any contact form on this website (like the one below) or you can email us at admin@quintilianway.com

The Quintilian Way was created to fill the gap for social and life skill programming for individuals with learning and social differences.

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